Thursday, October 8, 2009

Once again, I can't upload any photos And I have so many great ones. Oh well.

I will be home one week from today. I miss home so much, but I will miss Otuam, too.

King Peggy has shaken up all the elderly men, and is adding younger people and women to her Council. She has opened up a royal checking account at the new bank, the first one to open in Otuam just a few days ago. All income and expenses will be done with checks now. She had to explain the concept of checks to many people, but they like it a lot so that all the money can be kept track of.

My stomach has settled down, and I have the bucket in a bath thing down pat. I don't like it when the power company cuts off the electricity in the heat of the day. Without fans, the house is like an oven, baking us. And it's not like you can take a shower to cool off!

But I will miss the people, and the children. They have such fun, playing with sticks and stones. No one here would ever hurt a child. The mothers send them out to play and they come back at dinner time. Like I used to do in the 1960s. It's so sad that modern kids have to be kept locked up watching TV and playing video games.

Well, I will keep trying to upload a photo until my time on the computer runs out. Bear in mind this computer must be 20 years old! Eleanor

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